Interesting facts about art
Not everyone knows that art originates from the time of primitive people, and many of those who are aware of this hardly think that the caveman owned polychrome painting. Here…

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Future perspectives of photography and ecology
In 2012, a very interesting Chilean film called “No.” was released. This is a report on the tactics of advertising used during the 1988 referendum, when Chileans decided whether dictator…

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Biography of Tina Modotti

Top 5 – the best poems about mom

5th place. It is considered that the most heartfelt and light poems about mother are written for children. This is partly true, because the image of the most dear and close person, adapted for children’s perception, turns out to be very touching and tender. Suffice it to recall the famous poem by Elena Blaginina “Sit in Silence”, which is permeated with love and care, sensitivity and spiritual warmth. Continue reading

Good tone of poetic parody

The art of literary poetry is no lower than poetic art in general. Say more than that: the ability to write rocks should combine the art of poetic syllable plus literary knowledge and, to them, the same knowledge of psychology. No wonder there are far fewer known parodists than famous poets.
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So, you have a camera, you have children – why not combine these positive moments and not get some great shots? After all, making great photos yourself is much easier than it seems at first glance, especially if there is some sort of experience in portrait photography in stock. The tips that you will read in this article are good because they are suitable for any camera – be it your phone, dish soap or a solid professional DCLR.
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Artistic carving on the leaves
Artistic carving on the leaves - this is what the Chinese masters of Longal Craft Co., Ltd. have been doing for several years. They perform unusual and unique works made…


When a photographer shoots cats in a cattery, for example, it always comes to photographing kittens. How to transfer on images of children's cat spontaneity and cute movements? This article…