Good tone of poetic parody
The art of literary poetry is no lower than poetic art in general. Say more than that: the ability to write rocks should combine the art of poetic syllable plus…

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Super realistic masks by artist Landon Meier
A few days ago I saw these interesting masks. The first feeling is that this is just a photoshop. But no, these are really very well-made masks of human faces.…

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French Revolution

Future perspectives of photography and ecology

In 2012, a very interesting Chilean film called “No.” was released. This is a report on the tactics of advertising used during the 1988 referendum, when Chileans decided whether dictator Augusto Pinochet should stay in power. Pinochet was known for his ruthlessness and cruelty, and by his orders tens of thousands of Chileans were tortured and more than 3,000 people were killed (according to official data). The film has a very interesting look at communication, which is still underestimated; shows how ineffective was the campaign against Pinochet, which relied only on the graphic images of his atrocities and the terrible statistics on death, imprisonment and censorship. Continue reading


Michel Comte is one of the most famous fashion photographers. He also received worldwide recognition as a portrait painter, film director, cameraman, author of piercing photo stories … The talented Swiss tried his hand in many art genres, and almost everywhere he was accompanied by great success.
Michel Comte was born in 1954 in Switzerland. He was educated in English and French schools. The beginning of the creative activity of Comte is connected with the restoration works. He chose a specialization – works of contemporary art. Of particular interest were the works of the great Andy Warhol. In parallel, he began to engage in photographing. Continue reading


Autumn opens up a wide range of photographic possibilities, especially for those who love rich colors and capricious weather. With rapidly changing landscapes, colorful paintings and shorter days, it is not difficult to understand why this is the favorite season of so many photographers.
How to make beautiful autumn photos
But how to capture his spirit, condition? How to go home after walking with beautiful shots? A typical problem of autumn photography is boring and flat images that cannot convey colors or atmosphere. In this article you will learn how to create excellent images of such a changeable season. Continue reading

Artists who are engaged in painting or graphics, follow the rules of composition, or at least know when they decide to break them. The same goes for the best photographers.…


Top 10 - best love poems
Love lyrics are the basis of creativity of many Russian poets. And this is not surprising, because love itself is multifaceted. She can give joy and pleasure, but at the…