best love poems

Artists who are engaged in painting or graphics, follow the rules of composition, or at least know when they decide to break them. The same goes for the best photographers.…

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Can you imagine a world without street photography? Think of the legacy that Duano, Cartier-Bresson and the lesser-known pioneers of this genre have left for the future generations to enjoy.…

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Good tone of poetic parody

The art of literary poetry is no lower than poetic art in general. Say more than that: the ability to write rocks should combine the art of poetic syllable plus literary knowledge and, to them, the same knowledge of psychology. No wonder there are far fewer known parodists than famous poets.
A good parody is not just thin and deep humor. This, as a rule, is a hyperbolization of the phenomenon, metaphors, feelings, situations that occur in the poem chosen by the parodist. Continue reading

Trends in the development of modern poetry.

The concept of modernity in the world of literature is very relative. Today is considered a poet or prose writer, who can be separated from the reader up to forty years. Given the pace of today’s life, the rapidly changing economic and political realities, the term is huge. And to compare the poetry of Soviet Russia in 1969 with the poetry of Russia in 2009 is almost impossible. Continue reading

Poet and poetry. 19-20-21 century

The word “poetry” in Greek means creation. And often we use this term to refer to the beauty, grace and sound of what is said or written. Then it sounds like a metaphor, and can even be said about prose. There is also the term “verse”, and sometimes to avoid confusion in the scientific literature it is used it. But he, too, is not capable of giving the desired exact explanation to this method of organizing speech, because, as is well known, it is customary to call a “line” a separate line of a poem. Continue reading

Popular genres of poetry

Times change, but the main, most important themes of poetry remain unchanged. Often, reading Lermontov or Akhmatova, we are surprised to find out in a few lines our own feelings and experiences. And how many more examples of the connection of times can be found in the lyrics! Poetry as if comes into confrontation with the popular claims that “people are now not the same as before.” Continue reading