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All historians and ethnographers who studied Russia in the middle of the 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as the lovers of literature and music of that time, are…

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Poet and poetry. 19-20-21 century
The word “poetry” in Greek means creation. And often we use this term to refer to the beauty, grace and sound of what is said or written. Then it sounds…

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Michel Comte is one of the most famous fashion photographers. He also received worldwide recognition as a portrait painter, film director, cameraman, author of piercing photo stories … The talented Swiss tried his hand in many art genres, and almost everywhere he was accompanied by great success.
Michel Comte was born in 1954 in Switzerland. He was educated in English and French schools. The beginning of the creative activity of Comte is connected with the restoration works. He chose a specialization – works of contemporary art. Of particular interest were the works of the great Andy Warhol. In parallel, he began to engage in photographing. Continue reading


Autumn opens up a wide range of photographic possibilities, especially for those who love rich colors and capricious weather. With rapidly changing landscapes, colorful paintings and shorter days, it is not difficult to understand why this is the favorite season of so many photographers.
How to make beautiful autumn photos
But how to capture his spirit, condition? How to go home after walking with beautiful shots? A typical problem of autumn photography is boring and flat images that cannot convey colors or atmosphere. In this article you will learn how to create excellent images of such a changeable season. Continue reading

Super realistic masks by artist Landon Meier

A few days ago I saw these interesting masks. The first feeling is that this is just a photoshop. But no, these are really very well-made masks of human faces. I look at them and think how alive they are.
All these amazing and interesting masks are made by an artist from the American Denvir, Landon Meier.
I can add that not one person is working on the creation, but the whole Hyperflesh company. The name can be roughly translated as “super flesh” or “super skin.” The brand speaks for itself. Continue reading

Artistic carving on the leaves

Artistic carving on the leaves – this is what the Chinese masters of Longal Craft Co., Ltd. have been doing for several years. They perform unusual and unique works made on fallen autumn leaves, or rather they are engaged in carving on dry leaves. The surface of the sheet as a canvas for the artist, but before the work, it requires some processing. All the leaves, and this is mainly maple, according to the owners of the company, are collected in ecologically clean areas.
The leaves are chosen for further work only symmetrical form, whole, without flaw and damage, beautiful and bright, of different colors and shades. Then they are subjected to processing, dropping into boiling water, to destroy all the germs and to give the sheet elasticity and softness, then dried, removing excess moisture. Continue reading

Interesting facts about art

Not everyone knows that art originates from the time of primitive people, and many of those who are aware of this hardly think that the caveman owned polychrome painting. Here are some interesting facts about art that may be new to you.
In 1879, the Spanish archaeologist Marcelino Sanz de Sautola discovered the ancient cave of Altamira, in which polychrome painting was present. Nobody believed Southola, and he was accused of forging the creations of primitive people. Later in 1940, an even more ancient cave with a similar painting was opened – Lascaux in France, it was attributed to 17-15 thousand BC. Continue reading

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Can you imagine a world without street photography? Think of the legacy that Duano, Cartier-Bresson and the lesser-known pioneers of this genre have left for the future generations to enjoy.…


Analysis of Pushkin's poem "Borodino anniversary"
"Borodino anniversary" Alexander Pushkin Great day of Borodin We are fraternal trinity remembering They said: "As the tribes went, Russia's trouble threatening; Not all Europe was here? And whose star…