The term "fresco" is understood to be a letter on the raw limestone base by paints diluted with water or paints having a lime binder (lime mortar, lime water). The…

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There are different ways to look at water, for example, as a fascinating background from Hollywood films, a dreamy forest stream ... or maybe as an element full of movement.…

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prisoners of war

Trends in the development of modern poetry.

The concept of modernity in the world of literature is very relative. Today is considered a poet or prose writer, who can be separated from the reader up to forty years. Given the pace of today’s life, the rapidly changing economic and political realities, the term is huge. And to compare the poetry of Soviet Russia in 1969 with the poetry of Russia in 2009 is almost impossible. Continue reading


The first Russian collectors of the European type.
Natural collecting activities, of course, existed in Russia long before the onset of the eighteenth century. But Peter’s reforms in the field of culture give it a new direction – they are oriented toward rapprochement with the culture of Western Europe. It was Peter I who stimulated the development of private collecting in Russia, which flourished in the second half of the 18th century. Following the Russian sovereign, who brought a new passion from overseas travel, many of his associates begin to collect rarities, and a number of remarkable private collections are gradually being formed – A.D. Menshikov, B.P. Sheremeteva, D.M., A.M. and D.A. Golitsyn and others. Continue reading


The collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery holds about 800 pastels, some were purchased by PMTretyakov.
Pastels must be kept under glass. She is very vulnerable: she is able to crumble from a concussion, all kinds of travel are dangerous to her, she is affected by the action of direct sunlight, temperature drops, excessive dryness or humidity. Constant concern for the safety of “loose” pastel works does not allow them to be often and continuously exhibited. To see them in the halls of the museum is a rare and significant event. Continue reading

Future perspectives of photography and ecology
In 2012, a very interesting Chilean film called “No.” was released. This is a report on the tactics of advertising used during the 1988 referendum, when Chileans decided whether dictator…


Analysis of Pushkin's poem "Borodino anniversary"
"Borodino anniversary" Alexander Pushkin Great day of Borodin We are fraternal trinity remembering They said: "As the tribes went, Russia's trouble threatening; Not all Europe was here? And whose star…