When it comes to portrait shooting, one of the most common tips is “filling the frame” with the object you are shooting. In general, this is a good rule of…

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Despite the availability and prevalence, watercolor technique remains mysterious and incomprehensible to many, both amateurs and professional artists. With seeming ease, this material, associated with water, with its rebelliousness and…

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Akhmatova and Tsvetaeva – The Canons of Female Lyrics

Much has been said and written about female poetry. From the banal “what a girl does not write poetry” to a serious and thoughtful analysis of the best examples. Women’s poetry is distinguished by subtle sensations, flexible musicality and the disclosure of deep-seated emotional experiences. Perhaps, without female poetry, it is simply impossible to understand the whole emotional essence of a woman. But much more interesting are the examples when women’s lyrics reach such a qualitative level that they are no longer separated from such lyrics. Continue reading

Top 10 – best love poems

Love lyrics are the basis of creativity of many Russian poets. And this is not surprising, because love itself is multifaceted. She can give joy and pleasure, but at the same time, often makes you suffer. The duality of love is the mystery that sooner or later everyone has to solve. At the same time, poetic natures tend to tell about their feelings not only to the subject of their hobbies, but also often trust them to paper, creating amazingly beautiful poems, quivering and sublime.
10th place. Premonition of love can be weary and filled with sadness. However, most often that small period of time when a person is not yet aware that he is already in love, filled with confusion and anxiety. In his poem “Premonition of Love is More Terrible” Konstantin Simonov notes that waiting for love is like a calm before a storm or a short respite before an attack, when feelings and thoughts rush at a gallop, and the soul is literally torn to pieces. Continue reading


Artistic paints consist of colored powder – a pigment and a binder, which holds together the smallest particles. In painting, mainly inorganic dyes are used, as more resistant, less often – organic.
There are pigments of natural origin and prepared by artificial means.
In ancient times, artists used exclusively dyes found in nature in the form of various minerals: malachite, azurite, orpiment, lapis lazuli (lapis lazuli), and all sorts of colored earth. In addition, they used dyes of organic origin, which were extracted from various plants and the simplest animal organisms – mollusks, worms. Continue reading

Astrophotography is considered one of the most technical genres of photography and may seem difficult for the inexperienced. But if you want, even a novice photographer is able to convey…


The collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery holds about 800 pastels, some were purchased by PMTretyakov. Pastels must be kept under glass. She is very vulnerable: she is able to…