Akhmatova and Tsvetaeva - The Canons of Female Lyrics
Much has been said and written about female poetry. From the banal "what a girl does not write poetry" to a serious and thoughtful analysis of the best examples. Women's…

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There is no more classics than black and white street photography. Old street photos enliven the nostalgic images of Andre Cartes, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Duano and many others. Why black…

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He was a drunkard


In 2007, the Russian Academy of Arts celebrates its 250th anniversary. November 17, 1757 (old style – November 6) – The governing senate of the Russian Empire adopted a decree on the creation of the “Academy of the Three Notable Arts”. In fact, such an institution in Russia was conceived much earlier, and by this time it had operated successfully for at least thirty years. The idea of ​​establishing a community of artists was expressed by Peter the Great and his entourage as early as the 1690s. After visiting the first emperor of Paris and the French academies in 1719, this idea acquired a concrete form, but for many cases the necessary decree Peter the Great signed only shortly before his death, on December 22, 1724. Continue reading


Mikhail Zakharovich Tretyakov, the father of the Tretyakov brothers, the founders of the Tretyakov Gallery, came from a poor merchant family. In his spiritual testament, shortly before his death, he wrote: “Since the image of the trade in my sons is known to me, I hope that they will follow all my rules that I tried to inspire in them.” His sons elder Pavel (1832-1898) and the younger Sergey (1834-1892) continued the work of his father. From the various trade in the shops (linen, bread, firewood) in the Old Gostiny Dvor they very soon turned to serious entrepreneurship.
Since 1860, the Tretyakovs owned a shop that was located in Moscow in Kitaygorodsky district opposite the Stock Exchange on Ilyinka Street – “a wide shiny street of capitalists and bankers”, where they sold both Russian and foreign goods, mainly fabrics. Since the mid 1860s. they owned the Novo-Kostroma Linen Manufacture. And by the end of the nineteenth century, they occupied one of the first places in Russia among manufacturers. Continue reading

Interesting facts about art

Not everyone knows that art originates from the time of primitive people, and many of those who are aware of this hardly think that the caveman owned polychrome painting. Here are some interesting facts about art that may be new to you.
In 1879, the Spanish archaeologist Marcelino Sanz de Sautola discovered the ancient cave of Altamira, in which polychrome painting was present. Nobody believed Southola, and he was accused of forging the creations of primitive people. Later in 1940, an even more ancient cave with a similar painting was opened – Lascaux in France, it was attributed to 17-15 thousand BC. Continue reading

When a photographer shoots cats in a cattery, for example, it always comes to photographing kittens. How to transfer on images of children's cat spontaneity and cute movements? This article…


Analysis of Tsvetaeva's poem “Here is the window again ...”
Here's the window again ... ”Marina Tsvetaeva Here is the window again Where do not sleep again. Can - drink wine, Maybe - so sit. Or simply - hands Do…