The setting sun can add a piece of magic and a special mood to the photo. The warm golden glow brings the romance to a completely new and deeper level,…

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The collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery holds about 800 pastels, some were purchased by PMTretyakov. Pastels must be kept under glass. She is very vulnerable: she is able to…

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Astrophotography is considered one of the most technical genres of photography and may seem difficult for the inexperienced. But if you want, even a novice photographer is able to convey the night skies in all its glory. This is not as difficult as you might think!
The astrophotographer Mahmoud Alsawaf (© Mahmood Alsawaf) explains how to avoid some common mistakes that everyone makes at the beginning of his career when shooting astrophoto, and also shares practical tips on how to shoot the Milky Way or the star trail.
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When a photographer shoots cats in a cattery, for example, it always comes to photographing kittens. How to transfer on images of children’s cat spontaneity and cute movements? This article discusses ways to capture the lively expression of a kitten’s face, highlight his eyes and convey the cheerful nature of the animal.
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Future perspectives of photography and ecology

In 2012, a very interesting Chilean film called “No.” was released. This is a report on the tactics of advertising used during the 1988 referendum, when Chileans decided whether dictator Augusto Pinochet should stay in power. Pinochet was known for his ruthlessness and cruelty, and by his orders tens of thousands of Chileans were tortured and more than 3,000 people were killed (according to official data). The film has a very interesting look at communication, which is still underestimated; shows how ineffective was the campaign against Pinochet, which relied only on the graphic images of his atrocities and the terrible statistics on death, imprisonment and censorship. Continue reading

Trends in the development of modern poetry.
The concept of modernity in the world of literature is very relative. Today is considered a poet or prose writer, who can be separated from the reader up to forty…


Super realistic masks by artist Landon Meier
A few days ago I saw these interesting masks. The first feeling is that this is just a photoshop. But no, these are really very well-made masks of human faces.…