Trends in the development of modern poetry.
The concept of modernity in the world of literature is very relative. Today is considered a poet or prose writer, who can be separated from the reader up to forty…

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Akhmatova and Tsvetaeva - The Canons of Female Lyrics
Much has been said and written about female poetry. From the banal "what a girl does not write poetry" to a serious and thoughtful analysis of the best examples. Women's…

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Top 5 – the best poems about mom

5th place. It is considered that the most heartfelt and light poems about mother are written for children. This is partly true, because the image of the most dear and close person, adapted for children’s perception, turns out to be very touching and tender. Suffice it to recall the famous poem by Elena Blaginina “Sit in Silence”, which is permeated with love and care, sensitivity and spiritual warmth. Continue reading

Poet and poetry. 19-20-21 century

The word “poetry” in Greek means creation. And often we use this term to refer to the beauty, grace and sound of what is said or written. Then it sounds like a metaphor, and can even be said about prose. There is also the term “verse”, and sometimes to avoid confusion in the scientific literature it is used it. But he, too, is not capable of giving the desired exact explanation to this method of organizing speech, because, as is well known, it is customary to call a “line” a separate line of a poem. Continue reading


The history of the Leningrad school of painting covers the period from the early 1930s to the early 1990s. Having emerged in an atmosphere of intense struggle over the development of art and art education in the USSR, it became the missing link, thanks to which in the 20th century the traditions of national art school and realistic painting were preserved and developed.
Having made a significant contribution to the Soviet visual arts, to the formation of the aesthetic views and spiritual world of modern generations, the Leningrad school left the stage at the turn of 80-90, fulfilling its historical and artistic mission and giving way to the era of transition.
Its main external attributes are preserved. The Academy of Arts, once again changing its name, continues to prepare painters, graphic artists, architects, sculptors, restorers. Continue reading

4 epochs of the history of poetry
Four eras can be distinguished in the history of the world: - Iron Age; - the golden age; - silver Age; - copper age. The Iron Age is, according to…


Science has the property of circling people's heads - the more complex it becomes, the more abstract it looks to many. And if you do not make daily constant efforts…