Despite the availability and prevalence, watercolor technique remains mysterious and incomprehensible to many, both amateurs and professional artists. With seeming ease, this material, associated with water, with its rebelliousness and…

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The history of artistic enameling, as well as the art of jewelry, has a history of more than three thousand years. When and where was the enameling performed for the…

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but to explore

Good tone of poetic parody

The art of literary poetry is no lower than poetic art in general. Say more than that: the ability to write rocks should combine the art of poetic syllable plus literary knowledge and, to them, the same knowledge of psychology. No wonder there are far fewer known parodists than famous poets.
A good parody is not just thin and deep humor. This, as a rule, is a hyperbolization of the phenomenon, metaphors, feelings, situations that occur in the poem chosen by the parodist. Continue reading


Underwater photography is fun. This is a great way to combine your passion for diving with a love of photography. Just like exploring “ground” photography, underwater photography is a journey that involves learning and experimenting. In the modern digital world, we have a wealth of resources and powerful tools for this genre.
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Future perspectives of photography and ecology

In 2012, a very interesting Chilean film called “No.” was released. This is a report on the tactics of advertising used during the 1988 referendum, when Chileans decided whether dictator Augusto Pinochet should stay in power. Pinochet was known for his ruthlessness and cruelty, and by his orders tens of thousands of Chileans were tortured and more than 3,000 people were killed (according to official data). The film has a very interesting look at communication, which is still underestimated; shows how ineffective was the campaign against Pinochet, which relied only on the graphic images of his atrocities and the terrible statistics on death, imprisonment and censorship. Continue reading

There are different ways to look at water, for example, as a fascinating background from Hollywood films, a dreamy forest stream ... or maybe as an element full of movement.…


Interesting facts about art
Not everyone knows that art originates from the time of primitive people, and many of those who are aware of this hardly think that the caveman owned polychrome painting. Here…